LearnPlatform Teacher Rollout Tool Kit

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The following documents, videos and resources are designed to assist with your implementation and roll out of LearnPlatform. These were curated based on our conversations with customers who have successfully implemented and rolled out LearnPlatform in the past. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact support or your customer success manager to schedule a call. We’re here to help! 

Communication Resources

Teacher/Internal Communication

The following links provide sample communications to introduce and roll out LearnPlatform to your teachers and internal staff. 
Video Overview of the District Library

The following quick videos show an overview of the district library and available functionality for teachers. You may want to include this in your communication, or use it as a reference and develop your own video using your district’s library. 

Sample Communication Announcing and Introducing LearnPlatform

The following links provide sample communication you can use as you introduce and announce LearnPlatform to your teachers/staff. 

Training Slide Decks

The following links provide 2 versions of a training deck you can use as part of your training/rollout of LearnPlatform to teachers and district admins. 

  • LearnPlatform Training Deck for Admins - This training deck was provided during your onboarding and is designed with training district admins of LearnPlatform in mind. 
  • Teacher Specific Training Deck- This is a shorter training deck designed specifically for introducing LearnPlatform to teachers. The deck is 21 slides in total and includes a brief overview of all aspects of LearnPlatform with links to additional resources. 

The educator section in the Help Center also provides some guidance for educators when beginning to use LearnPlatform. This includes:

Parent Communication Regarding the Public Library

The following link provides a sample of communication you can use to introduce the Public Library to your parents:

Public Library Resources

LearnPlatform supports district efforts to provide transparency into edtech tool usage for your parents and school community. This video shows how to create and share a public facing product library.

Public Library Video and associated resources

How-To Resources and Videos for Administrators 

District Library Resources

Have a question like “How do I do (x) in the District Library?” The following is a link to all the “How To” resources associated with the District Library:  

Tags/Tag Groups/Filters/Lists/Checklists

Request Workflow Resources

The following link provides support and resources associated with the Request Workflow Module. This module requires a subscription. If your district doesn’t currently have the request workflow module, but you would like more information, please contact us.  

Best Practices and Next Steps for All Modules

The following link provides suggested best practices and recommended next steps for each of the LearnPlatform Modules. 

Additional Resources

Don’t forget to visit our website for links to On-Demand Webinars

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