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LearnPlatform's Chrome extension helps educators save time when finding, selecting, and implementing the best learning technology to support all students and their unique needs. 

The LearnPlatform Chrome extension helps administrators in your district or school access valuable data like:

  • Edtech product usage trends and rankings;
  • Product-specific usage details;
  • Aggregated data on the number of students and educators using a product.

When you use Google Chrome browser to access an edtech tool or product website, the extension lights up. You can click on the icon to display the grade for that site (if available). This grade was determined by aggregating all grades from educators based on the research-backed, LearnPlatform Edtech Grading Rubric. The product grade provides you with an objective assessment of that site, based on the insight and experiences of other educators.

See How To Grade a Product.

Clicking into the extension from a product website or edtech tool provides you with options like: 

  • Grading a product - allowing you to grade the product you are in and add it to your own personal edtech library. Grading a product helps other educators and administrators make objective decisions surrounding edtech tools; 
  • Seeing details of that product in your district's library where you can find resources, discussions, and product grade breakdown.

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We are constantly upgrading our extensions to ensure that educators and administrators receive the best information to make decisions regarding edtech. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in LearnPlatform's Chrome extension, feel free to email us at support@learnplatform.com.

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