Enabling and Embedding the Public Product Library (PPL)

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Enabling your Public Product Library (PPL) will quickly and easily generate a shareable link to your PPL, a tool used by districts to communicate the edtech products being used in the classroom with parents and other interested parties without requiring a login to the platform. 

The public product library can also be embedded directly into your district website to make it even easier for parents to discover and access your organization’s edtech tools and resources from any device.

Enable your Public Product Library

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to enable your Public Product Library:

  1. Log in to your LearnPlatform page on https://app.learnplatform.com or https://subdomain.app.learnplatform.com.  
    1. You should arrive at your organization’s library.  If that is not the correct library, then use the drop-down options in the top left to select your organization.
If your organization has not configured their subdomain - go to the How To Change My Account's Display Appearance article. Your subdomain must be configured to enable the public product library.
  1. In the Admin menu, click on Settings, then navigate to the Public Product Library tab. 
    1. Toggle the slider to Enabled to activate your PPL.
      1. To copy your link and share it externally, click Copy URL.
      2. To view your public product library, click Visit.
      3. To manage or edit your public product library, click Manage (previously known as ‘Edit Mode’).
      4. Click the Apply button in the bottom right corner to apply your changes.

Embed Your Public Product Library Into Your Organization's Website 

The public product library shows the intro screen or mobile version when I embed it into my website. 

Like many apps and websites, the Public Product Library (PPL) can be accessed from a mobile device or desktop. The view you see when you access the public product library on either desktop or mobile is determined by the screen size.

  • Desktop: > 1100 pixels
  • Mobile: < 1100 pixels

Embedding the PPL

  1. Toggle the slider to Enabled to embed your Public Product Library on your website via iframe.
You must click Apply in the bottom right corner to apply your changes in order for the iframe to work. 

2. You can send this code snippet to your website administrator to embed the PPL on your website.

When embedding the PPL, the http (or) https front of the URL needs to match the page on which it will be embedded. If this does not occur, your PPL may appear blank.

Learn more at Exploring the Public Product Library

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