How is a Product Grade Determined? LearnPlatform's EdTech Grading Rubric

The LearnPlatform grading rubric is a research-backed tool designed by, with, and for educators to help them share insights and feedback on the learning technologies they use in their classrooms.  

Take a look at our research-backed rubric.

For the first time, educators can systematically grade products while also providing qualitative feedback through open-ended comments. 

What is the EdTech Grading Rubric?

LearnPlatform offers a grading protocol through which educators can share valuable insights on the classroom education technologies they encounter on a daily basis. The design and research to create and maintain a valid and valuable grading protocol for educators is a critical portion of educators providing feedback in a useful and systematic way. This system must consist of a manageable number of feedback areas, and each of these areas must be important factors that determine the utility of a given technology. Further, the grading protocol must utilize a systematic scoring algorithm that aggregates educators’ insights into interpretative and actionable grades. Thus, LearnPlatform engaged in a scientific process of identifying, defining, and measuring the initial set of feedback areas, followed by a process of developing a proprietary scoring solution to make scores meaningful. The purpose of this report is to briefly summarize the methods, results, and ultimate implications for the LearnPlatform grading protocol.

How Can I Use the Grading Rubric?

The grading rubric is aligned with LearnPlatform's product grading capabilities. You can use the rubric as a research-backed resource to support your evaluation of a product. To learn how to start evaluating products, see: How To Grade a Product.

Among several places, the product grades from the grading rubric will be reflected in:

For a complete list, see Product Grade Locations Within LearnPlatform.

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