How to Add Products to Your Product Library

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As an administrator, you can add products to your product library via LearnPlatform by using the Management tab or the Usage dashboard.

Educators can request products to be added to their district's library via the Request Workflow.

Adding Products From Your Management Tab

As an administrator, the Management tab allows you to manage your products from within your admin panel. To add products to your organization’s library, go to Management > Products > + Add Product.

Type the name of the product you would like to add, and then click on the name of the product > + Add Product. 

This product will then appear in your organization’s product library. 

TIP: If you do not want the products in your library to appear with an "Unknown" status, go to the Status section of your Access control panel and deselect "Include products with this status in the organization product library." See How To Set Custom Statuses.

Adding Products From Your Usage Dashboard

To add single product or bulk add products to your product library from your usage dashboard, click on the Analysis tab and scroll down to the Usage Details section. Select one or multiple products that you would like to add to your product library, set their product status, and click on the Add items to the Product Library button on the right-hand side of your screen.

Products will need to have an Approval Status and Privacy Status to be added to your product library. Also In Settings, go to Access Controls, then Data Sharing with Educators - Would you like to share your Inventory data with Educators? Make sure to check the "Yes, share with Educators" checkbox for the Organization library to appear.

Unable to Find a Product in the LearnCommunity Library?  

If you've searched within the LearnCommunity Library and still can't find the product you are looking for, submit a request for our support team to add the product by following these steps: 

  1. Search for your product using the product library search bar. Click on Missing Product? tile:

Try looking for several combinations of the product name if you can’t find it at first (e.g. the product ABC Economics may be spelled ABCEconomics)

​Then, Click on request Product button, fill in the details and hit Submit Request

A customer support representative will notify you when the product is added to your library, typically in less than two weeks.

For additional articles related to LearnPlatform's Product Library, see Product Library - Educator View and Enabling the Public Product Library.

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