Managing the Public Product Library Visibility & Sharing Options

Make sure to enable your Public Product library (PPL) to activate the features below.

Quick Overview

The product visibility (which products are displayed or hidden) in the Public Product Library (PPL) can be managed in two ways:

  1. Status Rules - These rules relate to the product and privacy status (custom & system) that control product visibility in different areas of the platform. 
  2. Visibility Toggle - individual product rule is managed via the visibility toggle found in Management > Products tab and Product Settings page for each product.

How do Status Rules Affect Product Visibility in the PPL?

Status rules provide the Organization Administrator flexibility to decide which products to share by setting a rule at the Product / Privacy Status level. These rules facilitate sharing products with the same status at once and eliminating the need to manually share every product as libraries are created and updated.

The primary way to display products in the PPL is by setting status rules. Status rules can be applied to:

  • Product statuses - custom and system
  • Privacy statuses - custom and system

The chart below includes the rules that pertain to each status:

(These status options can be accessed in Settings > Statuses)

Status Rule & Description

Status Type

Toggle Direction

Products are not shown in the public product library

Product & Privacy; Custom & System

Products can be shown in the public product library *

Product & Privacy; Custom & System

Products will automatically share to the public product library

Product Only; Custom & System

* This status rule does not automatically share products in the public product library. Checking this box tells our system: “do not hide this product from my public product library”. To automatically share all products assigned with that custom or system status, ensure that "Automatically share products with this status to the Public Product Library" is checked.

How Can Warnings Help Me Keep Track of Status Rules in the PPL?

After setting a Status Rule, (Product or Privacy Status) a warning may appear on the product settings page in Management > Products > Click [Product Name].

This warning is displayed when a product is shared in the Public Product Library through status rules and alerts you that the new status may have different visibility than the old status.

How does the Visibility Toggle Affect Product Visibility in the PPL?

Product visibility in the PPL can also be determined on a case by case basis. This is managed and set by the use of the Visibility Toggle associated with each product.

The purpose of the visibility toggle is to:

  1. Show which products are being shared, or not shared, to the PPL.
  2. Allow Organization Administrators to override status rules and thereby individually determining if the product is shared/unshared in the PPL.

Case Study: A common use case of this is when Districts wants to share all tools with an 'Approved Products' status except for the administrative tools in their PPL. The visibility toggle allows for administrative tools to be unshared; while maintaining consistency within the organization's product statuses.

If the status of an edtech product changes, say from 'Approved' to 'Approved for +13' the visibility in the PPL might also be affected if there is a Status Rule set in place. However, products displayed in the PPL, since they are shared through the visibility toggle, will keep the same visibility, regardless of if there is a status change.

= The product is being shared in the PPL

= The product is not be shared in the PPL

The revert icon changes the way the product is being shared. Clicking the revert icon will change the product’s visibility to be based on the status rules instead of the visibility toggle.

For additional information see Exploring the Public Product Library

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