How To Manage Product Resources

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Share product-specific resources and information with those who need it. You can select who has access to resources; share with fellow administrators, internally with educators, and publicly with parents or other external stakeholders. Resources can be added in the form of a file, URL, or open text. 

Only users with administrator roles are able to create and manage resources.

Examples of public resources include:

  • Privacy agreements or terms and conditions
  • Permission forms
  • Student login information

Examples of admin only resource include: 

  • Purchase orders
  • Contracts
  • Vendor contact information

Examples of internal (for educators and other staff) resources include:

  • Implementation guides
  • Curriculum resources
  • District access codes
  • Login details

Add Resources to Product Details

  1. Click (+) in the Resources section

  1. Select the appropriate sharing settings for each resource. 

  • Publicly = this asset will show in the Public Product Library
  • Internally = this asset will show in the organization’s library
  • Not checking either option will keep the asset within the administrator view only

  1. Upload the file and hit Save.

There is a 5MB limit for each resource.

Where do my resources appear?

Resources designated as "Internal resources" will be displayed in the Resources section in the organization’s library (Products > Details > Resources)

Resources designated as "Public" will be displayed in the Public Product Library in the resources column.

For more information see Public Product Library.

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