How to Create a Provider Application

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Improve communications with edtech providers and reduce the number of emails and phone calls, by creating an application in LearnPlatform. Vendors/Providers can access the application by either being invited through our system or providing a link on your website that directs them to create a vendor account in LearnPlatform.

Create an Application

  1. Click on Management > Provider Applications > Create Application. 
    1. Complete Step One of the application process. Add general information to explain the application purpose and specific details as it relates to signing this application.
    2. Save the application.
    TIP: The application's Name will be visible to product providers. Make sure it is easily recognizable and includes the name of your organization. 
    Applicant type refers to either specific products or vendors. For example, you may want to invite specific companies or you may want to open the application only for specific edtech tools.  To have access to the application from the Request Process, select Applicant Type of Product.
  1. Add Application Questions

Administrators can create a wide variety of custom questions and mark them as required if needed. Sample questions include Placeholder for when additional text is needed, free text, multiple choice, rating scale, signature required, terms and conditions, and a file upload.

  1. After adding questions, save the application.
  1. Preview your application to ensure that your questions are complete and in order.
  2. Your application is now created. You can return to the application at a later time to invite providers, add a reviewer(s), or set up automation. See Configuring Your Application Workflow.

Once a response has been received for an application, you are no longer able to edit the questions nor modify the application any way. Ensure your application is complete prior to publishing it.

Duplicate an Application

Applications can also be duplicated and then modified rather than creating a new one every time. To duplicate an application, click on the three ellipse dots to the right of the desired application, and select Duplicate

Practical Tips to Create a Provider Application

Create a simple, easy to navigate application

  • There is no standard application format, however, two common format options are listed below.

Custom Build Application format: In this approach, you will create a complete application from scratch in the platform. Customize the questions and adjust the formatting as needed. Providers invited to complete your application will review and sign the application on the platform. This version provides for a cleaner look and feel while giving the district additional control over the agreement’s fields. The flexibility to enter additional questions, like the inclusion on a subcontractor list, may be important to many providers.

Upload Application format: This approach assumes you have an existing provider agreement, pre-populated with your district-specific information. When you create your application and add your questions, simply attach (upload) a copy of the agreement you wish to share with providers. Providers will be required to download and sign the provided PDF copy before submitting it back to you for acceptance.

If you elect to upload a PDF, include an “acknowledgment question” to ensure the Provider confirms they have downloaded and reviewed the agreement.  Also, include an upload question that allows the provider to submit a signed copy of the agreement.
  • Use a variety of question types and formatting options in your applications. Understand how the provider might be accessing the application and make it easy to read, identify and answer key questions.
  • The use of "Placeholder questions" are a great example of how you can create natural breaks in the document or provide additional step-by-step guidance for specific sections or Exhibits.

Send a single application to many providers

  • You can set up a master application to use for multiple providers. This is helpful if you need the same applications signed for every product and if that app does change. Once finalized, you can invite providers from the Invitee section of the application. You can invite them all at once or return the application over a period of time, inviting new providers as required.
  • Duplicate a copy of a master application if application updates or new versions are required. An existing application can be duplicated and used as a template for future applications.  Duplicating an application will create a working copy of the original for your team to customize, thereby shortening your setup time for future applications.  When using a duplicated contract modify the General Information section and new uploads to clearly differentiate the applications.

Include a cover letter

  • The General Information section is a perfect place to include a cover letter or instructions on how to complete the application.  Referencing the main point of contact at your district ensures the providers can reach the correct person with further questions.

Check out our Provider Management FAQs for additional information on commonly used questions, use cases, and more.

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