User Guide - Adding Completed Applications as Resources

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Administrators can publish agreements completed through the Provider Management workflow as resources on individual products.  Those resources can then be shared to 

  • Creating Resources from Completed Applications
  • Accessing and Modifying Application Resources
Editing visibility of a application/form resource is possible from the completed application view, but to remove it you must go to Management > Products > [Product] Details

Creating Resources from Completed Applications

Once you have received an application from a vendor, you have the opportunity to view, review and approve the application.  Navigate to Management > Provider Applications and click on the number in the Applicants column for the application that you would like to view.  

Now that you are viewing all the responses to the application, select the specific response that you are interested in.  Upon viewing the response, note the “Add as Resource” button in the top-right corner.  Once the application is approved, then the button “Add as Resource” becomes active.

Upon selection, a dialog box will appear.  If the application was targeted to tools/products, then the following options appear:

Set the name and description and the visibility of the resource.

If the application was targeted to vendors/providers/companies, it might apply to several tools/products.  For that type of application, the following options are available:

Select the product(s) where you would like to display the completed application, add the name and description, and set the visibility of the resource.  This can be edited in Management > Products > [Product] details once created.

Accessing and Modifying Application Resources

Once created, the resource can be viewed and modified in the Management > Products > [Product] Details page under “Resources

To remove, select the trash icon, and to edit, select the pencil icon.  If removed, a completed application can be re-added as a resource by going back to the completed application and adding it again.

Modify the sharing settings, name or description as needed.

Selecting the name will show a preview.

If configured to display in the organization’s library or in the public product library, then the new resource will be displayed in the respective Resource section of the product’s details.

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