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See How To Create and Edit a Feedback Request

To view the results of your targeted feedback request, go to Analysis > Feedback > ⦁⦁⦁ > View

This report example is from a 5-product comparison.  

Results may be filtered by user group or length of time. 

These results are divided into five categories:

  1. Contextual Questions: help provide valuable context for the assessment like longevity of use, frequency of use, types of students, and purpose of use. 

  1. Overall Grade Distribution: allows administrators to detect patterns in the overall distribution of a product. Every color represents a different product in this case. 

  1. Standard Category: shows the average grades segmented by category. These are aligned with LearnPlatform’s research-backed grading rubric

  1. Participants: drill down into the data to see the individual information by reviewer. This section gives a better sense of your sample size and response rates.  

  1. Overall Comments: Allows for reviewers to include thoughts, questions, and comments about the product that can complement the existing data.

These reports, coupled with usage data and IMPACT reports, provide a detailed analysis of your edtech tools in both breadth and depth, providing you with a better understanding of their impact on student learning. 

See Accessing and Understanding Usage Data

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