Product Grade Locations Within LearnPlatform

Within LearnPlatform, you will come across product grades in multiple locations. These grades represent the value and experiences that educators have encountered when using various edtech products.

Each grade is determined with the same set of questions and they are all based on LearnPlatform's research-based edtech grading rubric. However, the responses that are included in the grading data vary depending on the location of that grade, making these more relevant for the purpose of that page. For example, the product grade that you see in your organization library is based solely on the insights from the educators in your organization. Meanwhile, the grades in the LearnCommunity Library will represent cumulative grades from all educators in the LearnCommunity, not just from the educators in your organization.

The table below will help you identify what data is included in each grade:

Location in LearnPlatform
What Displayed Grades Represent
How are Grades Collected?

Organization Product Library

Grade based on insights from educators at your own organization.*

Aggregated grades from org members (teachers/staff) that have graded a particular product. Collected from feedback or teachers grading products.

Educator / Admin

LearnCommunity Product Library

Community-based grade from educators in the LearnCommunity.

Aggregated grades from all LearnPlatform users that have graded a particular product.

Educator / Admin

My Library (My Grade)

Grade assigned by the reviewer, visible only to that member.

The grade is assigned after a member grades a product. Once members elect to grade a product, that product is automatically places in their "My Library" tab.


Management Tab

The 2 columns for Grades in this tab represent 2 different inputs. Educator grades are aggregated grades by your org members and the Community grades are from the LearnCommunity of users.

Grades pulled from the LearnCommunity and your Organizational Library.


Analysis Tab

Community-based grade from Educators in the LearnCommunity. This is the same grade presented in the LearnCommunity Product Library.

Aggregated grades from LearnPlatform users that have graded a particular product.


Feedback Requests (Feedback Module)

Grades by educators who have completed Feedback Requests. Feedback request target a specific product or set of products.

Found in the organization's Feedback tab. Grades will populate when an educator responds to a feedback request created through that specific module.

Administrator *

Chrome Extension - Product Website

Community-based grade from Educators in the LearnCommunity.

The grade that displays from the extension when you visit a website like SplashMath.


In order to protect anonymity of the review, organizational grades only appear in the platform after a minimum of three grades are submitted.
Organizations can select to have Educator Grades and Feedback shared with other Educators or shared 'Anonymously'. Refer to Managing Access Controls for more information.

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