How To Complete a Provider Application (For Providers)

Applications are created by schools, districts, or other educational organizations to collect information from product companies and vet products for approval within their organization.

An educational organization may ask you to complete an application for multiple reasons, including:

  • Approving a product for internal use
  • Signing a data privacy agreement
  • Completing an RFI or RFP

Provider applications are either Public or Private. Public applications are open to all product companies to respond to if they wish. Private applications are by invitation from the organization only and providers will receive an email notification once they are invited. 

How to access an application

To access an application, login to your LearnPlatform account, navigate to the Management tab > Applications. Within the Applications tab, you’ll be able to view:

  • Public applications - applications freely available from other LearnPlatform districts across the country
  • Invited applications - those you’ve been specifically invited to by an educational organization
  • Draft applications - applications that have been started
  • Submitted applications - the applications that have been submitted 

To open an application, hover over the application you are looking for and select the edit tool at the right hand side of the application. Once you start an application, you can save it and come back to it at any time from your Drafts folder. Once you are ready to submit the application, click “Submit."

What happens after submitting an application?

When you submit an application, you will receive an email notification confirming your submission.

Depending on the settings of the organization that set the application, you may or may not receive an email notification when your application has been accepted or denied.

Turnaround times for application submission responses are dependent upon the organization's administrator(s).

Once you’ve submitted your application, navigate to the Submitted tab to view your response, which member of your company submitted the application, and the status of your submission.

Unable to find an application you have been invited to?

If you have been invited to complete an application and are no longer able to find it, your invitation or the application itself may have expired. Please contact the organization directly to inquire about the application deadline.

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