How To Manage Courses and Product Features (Higher Ed)


Courses allows administrators to manage courses or classes that are tied with a particular product. 

You can also complete our CWiC Framework Analysis to evaluate your courseware implementation. This framework is an institutional self-assessment designed to inform organizations on the effectiveness of their courseware implementation. 

Click on + Add Course to connect a particular course to a product. You can either enter a new course name or choose from previous courses that you’ve already added. 

Once you have added a course, you can begin the CWiC Framework Analysis by clicking on Add Course & Start Analysis to evaluate the tool. 


The Features tab allows administrators to complete an evaluation of a product’s features based on functionality, procurement, and delivery, in alignment with the criteria of the CWiC Framework

Product providers are able to complete a feature analysis as well that flows into your features tab, allowing for comparison. This analysis is intended to be used in combination with the self-assessment in the Courses tab. 

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