How To Manage Provider Contracts

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LearnPlatform’s contract management feature allows administrators to track, monitor, and understand a product’s pricing and contracts in a centralized location. 

To access your contract information for a product, go to:

Management > Products > Click on a product’s name > scroll to the Contract/Students Affected section

In this section, include contract information like:

  • Number of students affected (all or a sample number of students)
  • Type of contract
  • Description
  • Cost (Total cost for the product, not per license or other type)
  • Quantity (e.g. 250 product licenses) 
  • Pricing (e.g. per student)
  • Period (e.g. Per Year)
  • Contract Expiration Date

If the pricing has multiple variables, include a new line by clicking in the [+]. 

Make sure to hit Save Settings to save your pricing information.
The pricing (per student / per year) will be reflected in Management > Products.

Uploading Contracts

See How To Manage Product Assets (Resources)

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