How To Change My Account's Display Appearance

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Update your organization’s look and feel by clicking on Settings > Display Appearance. This is also referred to as white-labeling.

From here you can change your organization’s:

  • Subdomain (e.g.
  • Banner title (the words that appear at the top of your organization's product library)
  • Organization colors (header background color and header text color) 
  • Logos (3:1 aspect ratio) 

To preview your white-labeling design, take a look at the Navbar Preview at the bottom of the page. If you are satisfied with your design, hit Apply. 

The subdomain will be needed to enable Single-Sign-On. If your subdomain is modified and your Single-Sign-On does not match, it could affect your organization members' access to the platform. 

See Instructions for Single-Sign-On (SAML only)

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