How SEAs and LEAs Are Addressing Student Data Privacy Challenges Webinar

Originally presented April 15, 2020

Panelists: Amelia Vance, Future of Privacy Forum; Doug Casey, Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology; Mark Finstrom, Highline Public Schools

Over the last few weeks, K12 local education agencies (LEAs) across the country are grappling with the reality of supporting remote learning at a scale never before seen. At the same time, the need to safeguard the privacy of student personal information remains as important as ever. Every district and state handles student data privacy differently, but the federal requirements and underlying needs remain the same.

So how can state education agencies (SEAs) and LEAs tackle this challenge most effectively? In this webinar, hear from and ask questions of state and local leaders discussing best practices for:

  • Streamlining processes for reviewing and approving edtech products 
  • Managing provider contracts and data privacy agreements 
  • Ensuring flexibility and safety during periods of rapid change 
  • Maintaining transparency with parents and other community stakeholders

Highline Public Schools - Digital Tools Review Process

Mark Finstrom, Chief Technology Officer

Highline Public Schools

Connecticut Data Privacy

Doug Casey, Executive Director

Connecticut Commission on Educational Technology

Student Data Privacy & COVID-19 FAQs

Amelia Vance, Director of Youth & Education Privacy

Future of Privacy Forum

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