Best Practices for Using the Product Request Feature

Introducing a new system to your teachers can be overwhelming. We are here to make it easy for you. Before you get ready to roll out your new product request process, consider some of the best practices we’ve outlined below. These tips come from successes we’ve seen with other organizations!

Submit a request with teachers 

As you are introducing your teachers to the request workflow, whether it be in person, via a webinar, or through your tech coaches, walk through the process of submitting a request or two with your teachers. Show them where to go, what information needs to be completed, and where to check the status of their request. 

Share your internal plan

We’ve found that districts who clearly communicate their internal processes as it relates to new product requests have less questions from teachers after a request is submitted. Share your internal plan with your teachers - explain to them which departments needs to vet the tool, what information could potentially cause a hang up, and what to expect in terms of a timeline.

Develop a test group to introduce the workflow to first and gather their feedback

Create a pilot group - whether it be all teachers from one school, all of your tech coaches, or any other group of staff members who are new to the platform, and allow them to go through the request process. See what questions they have, what snags they encounter, and what may be unclear so that you are better prepared for a district-wide rollout. 

Think about your timelines

Some districts choose to turn the request workflow on and off during certain times of the year. Think about your school year and whether or not it makes sense to have designated windows of time for product requests. For example, you may want to open the request option for 3 weeks in the fall and then again for 3 weeks in the spring, knowing that you will turn off the request option and work through those requests prior to making your budgeting decisions for the next school year. 

Communicate your anticipated turnaround time

Share your timelines so that teachers have an estimated timeframe in mind for when they may receive a response by. Oftentimes, teachers will write into LearnPlatform’s support team asking when a product will be approved. LearnPlatform’s support team will share that the approval process is dependent upon the administrators for that particular district. 

Provide your teachers with resources 

Work with your Implementation Manager, and check out our resource center for videos and documentation that can help you communicate information with your teachers.

Make copies, customize, and share! You can also use your district library within LearnPlatform to share this information -- add resources and text communication under the “Assets” section within your Management tab to share information with teachers. 

Encourage your teachers to grade products

As teachers are coming in to make requests, encourage them to provide feedback by grading those products if they have used them. This will give you and other district leaders additional data points around why a product may be worth considering and will also allow your teachers to share their opinion! 

You may have products in your library that are listed as Reviewed & Denied (or something similar) -- share information related to these decisions with your teachers and educate them on the importance of student data privacy. Check out our blog posts related to this topic!

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