Back to School Product Roadmap 2022 Video Series

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Back to School Roadmap Overview

This video provides an overview of the LearnPlatform product and services roadmap highlighting key capabilities to support educators for the new '22-23 school year.

Expanding View into EdTech

Here, we discuss new ways LearnPlatform is helping districts manage and communicate important details of their edtech ecosystem.

Customization for Local Needs

Check out a look at upcoming enhancements from LearnPlatform to more effectively manage and communicate key product details to your stakeholders!

Increasing Workflow Flexibility

This video will give you a preview of how LearnPlatform is building more flexibility and customization into your workflows to meet your organizational needs.

Measure EdTech Impact

Get an advance look at the upcoming changes LearnPlatform is making to your rapid-cycle evaluation (IMPACT) reports, designed to make your results easier to interpret, share and act on.

Building an Evidence Base

Meeting the evidence requirements outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act has long been a challenge for providers. Here, we share how LearnPlatform offers a faster and more cost-effective, third-party path to building an evidence base aligned with ESSA, without sacrificing quality.

Making Research Visible for All

Find out how LearnPlatform is making it easy to show and share evidence!

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