Complete Provider User Guide

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Provider User Guide

Any provider can set up a company page in LearnPlatform for free.

Through your LearnPlatform Provider page, you gain the ability to manage key details about your organization featured in the LearnCommunity Library, the central resource used by our district, regional, and state partners to curate their individual product libraries. This includes handling sister products under your company's purview and facilitating direct interactions with various districts.

The following guide will lead you through a step-by-step process of claiming your provider page. Once your account setup is complete, the subsequent section will instruct you on the finer points of navigating your provider page. This includes adding administrators, disseminating information, and submitting evidence to be made available in the LearnCommunity Library.


  • Improve procurement - Claim your product page to improve communication and procurement, by more quickly responding to RFPs/RFIs and answering pressing questions from districts.
  • Increase transparency - Show your commitment to protecting students’ personal data by including privacy policies, terms of service, and badges for initiatives like IMPACT-Ready and the Student Data Privacy Pledge. Include accessibility information for local and state education agencies to have to satisfy legislative or district-specific requirements.
  • Showcase product effectiveness - Set yourself apart by detailing your product’s efficacy, plus showcase product features, updates to your terms of service, and enhancements designed to improve effectiveness.
  • Increase visibility - Include domains associated with your product(s) so that districts deploying the inventory dashboard with LearnPlatform can surface product usage they may not be aware of.

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