IMPACT-Ready™ Certification

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What is IMPACT-Ready™ Certification?

An IMPACT-Ready™ Certification can be earned by solutions that demonstrate commitment to designing and developing evidence-based solutions, standardizing data sharing to encourage ongoing evaluation and improvements of outcomes, and making federal and state privacy compliance requirements a priority. 

An IMPACT-Ready badge shows that a solution is evidence-based and that the company who creates the solution  is ready and willing to support educational organization-led research. This is important to districts who are seeking solutions that are based in research and continuous improvement, and that work toward producing positive outcomes for students. 

How to identify IMPACT-Ready™ Certified Solutions 

IMPACT-Ready™ Certified solutions can be identified by their IMPACT-Ready badge. You can quickly search for IMPACT-Ready solutions by selecting IMPACT-Ready from the Reviews & Certifications filters in your organization’s or the LearnPlatform community library. 

Click to the product details to see the IMPACT-Ready badge beside the name of the solution.

How can a solution become IMPACT-Ready™ Certified?

IMPACT-Ready™ Certification is a part of LearnPlatform's Evidence-as-a-Service program. The certification supports edtech solution providers in developing research plans, vetting existing research and preparing to work with educational organizations on impact research. 

To start an IMPACT-Ready™ certification for your solution, visit the Evidence as a Service page on or submit an inquiry on

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