Analyze and Improve - Overview of Rapid-cycle Evaluations VOH - 12/10/2021

Updated by Alex Alberti

Originally presented on December 10th, 2021.

Presenters: Erin Curran, Madra Cherubini, Megan McConnell, Dr. Amanda Cadran, Mary Styers, and Lauren Curry.

Join us for a special Virtual Office Hour with Dr. Amanda Cadran, Program Director for Rapid-cycle Evaluation, and Dr. Mary Styers, Director of Research. They will share an overview of LearnPlatform's rapid-cycle evaluation engine, IMPACT™ – IMPACT helps assess edtech product utilization across your student groups to determine where additional conversations or professional development may be useful. IMPACT also helps inform budget conversations and uncover potential cost savings. With achievement data included, you can also begin to answer questions about how your edtech products are working, for which students and under what conditions.

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