Rapid Cycle Evaluations and IMPACT VOH - 4/20/2021

Updated by Mary Styers

Originally presented on April 20, 2021.

Presenters: Dr. Amanda Cadran, Manager of Services, and Dr. Mary Styers, Applied Researcher at LearnPlatform.

Districts are using the Analyze and Improve package to inform budget conversations and uncover potential cost savings when products are not being used to fidelity, or being used minimally over time. With achievement included, districts are beginning to answer questions about whether an edtech tool is having a positive impact on outcomes, for which students, and under what conditions. 

Now more than ever districts are wanting to and needing to show evidence of effectiveness and maintenance of effort with the edtech tools being purchased and implemented. Dr. Cadran and Dr. Styers provide an overview of RCEs, how your district can benefit and offer some practical examples. 

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