Teacher Engagement and Support During Uncertain Times Webinar

Originally presented Thursday, July 23, 2020

How do you talk to your educators about education technology (edtech)? How do you support them in making informed choices about the edtech they use in their classrooms to ensure what they are using is safe, equitable and effective? Once they choose their tools, do you help them get the most out of them? In this webinar, we shared how LearnPlatform supports district administrators in supporting their frontline staff in making smarter edtech choices for their students. With fall planning underway, yet uncertain, this support is essential.Attendees learned the benefits of:

  • Providing teachers with a single repository of approved edtech tools, including associated PD and instructional resources, to support local control of decision-making
  • Sharing tool approval statuses and privacy statuses with teachers along with contextualizing statuses for improved compliance
  • Educating teachers on building their personal libraries to share with peers and parents
  • Gathering teacher feedback on edtech tools to inform instructional decisions at the classroom and district levels

Teacher Engagement and Support During Uncertain Times

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