Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for Classlink

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For general Classlink documentation on this process, please navigate to this link.

Configuring LearnPlatform Account

  1. Sign in to your LearnPlatform administrator account, click on:
    Settings > Single Sign On > Single Sign On Type > SAML 2.0 
  1. Toggle on the Use organization domain for callback urls at the bottom of your Single-Sign-On page.
  1. In the ClassLink Management Console, click Single Sign-On and select SAML Console.
  2. Click ADD NEW.
  3. Open the IDP Metadata URL so that you are able to see the XML.
  1. You will pull a number of pieces of data from the IDP URL to input back into LearnPlatform:
    1. Identity Provider Redirect URL: Copy the SingleSignOnService URL into this field.
    2. Identity Provider Logout URL: Copy the SingleLogOutService URL into this field.
    3. Certificate: To get the certificate, please enter in the BEGIN and END certificate information as displayed below.
      1. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
        1. Copy the full certificate value from XML/Metadata.
        Be careful to not include any extra line breaks or spaces, as this will cause an error.
        1. -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  2. Back in Classlink, add the following:
    1. NAME: LearnPlatform
    2. METADATA URL: Add the generated metadata URL from your LearnPlatform SSO dashboard.
    3. LOGIN URL: This URL extension may be any custom stem of your choosing.
    4. ICON URL: You may use the following for the icon URL.
    5. ATTRIBUTE MAPPING: From the mapping dash, select and align these three attributes between LearnPlatform and Classlink:
      1. First Name
      2. Last Name
      3. Email Address
    6. Select Update to save and confirm.
Verify that the selected attributes are the same between LearnPlatform's dash and Classlink's dash. (e.g., first_name; last_name, etc.)
  1. Build the SSO app. Navigate to Add & Assign Apps and click New. Input the name of the SAML app and complete the remaining fields. Remember to toggle on Single Sign-On, select SAML as the type, then type your district's login URL.
    1. Your login URL will be (e.g.,

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